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About Our Firm

About Our Firm

SBFR+Partners LLP was formed through the merger of two successful CPA practices and was founded on the belief that personal attention, passionate service delivery and cost-effective solutions are the foundation to building successful long-term partnerships.

S|B|F|R was formed as a local Buffalo CPA firm with a regional reach, designed to capitalize on our entrepreneurial spirit and the exceptional value that could be provided to our clients operating as a leaner, nimble organization.

Our Experience

With over 100 years of collective experience, including significant tenure at “Big Four” international and other firms, S|BF’s broad experience includes clients in practically every industry and size, ranging from small local companies to large multi-national corporations.

Additionally, we maintain strategic partnerships with accounting firms in both Rochester and Toronto, Ontario which further enhances the depth and reach of our capabilities.

Our Value

S|B|F|R’s competitive edge and rapid growth is grounded on its ability to consistently deliver meaningful value to our clients. We have a unique ability to offer our clients an exceptional value as our fee structure does not incorporate the overhead burden found at many larger firms.

As a result, our clients enjoy the service commitment, depth of resources and experience afforded by national and regional firms, while benefiting from the sensible pricing structure of a leaner, efficient organization.

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